Is St. Lucie County Trading Sustainable Growth for Quick Profits? Will The Deceptive Lennar Amendment Be Unveiled

As St. Lucie County finds itself at a pivotal juncture between sustainable development and rapid growth, a contentious amendment from Lennar Homes threatens to unravel years of carefully crafted community planning. But could this be just the beginning of a slippery slope? What does this mean for the "towns, villages and countryside" element that was supposed to guide us toward smart, sustainable growth?

The Original Blueprint: A Pledge for Sustainable Living
Back in 2006, St. Lucie County officials, in collaboration with the community, introduced the innovative "towns, villages and countryside" element to the comprehensive plan. This wasn't merely a policy document; it was a vision for a future that balanced growth with long-term sustainability and community well-being.

The Lennar Amendment: A Trojan Horse?
Lennar Homes' proposed amendment might seem harmless at first glance. They're asking to add a "hamlet" designation to the existing plan. But what's the real story behind this seemingly benign request? According to St. Lucie County Planning Commissioner Valerie Slack, the amendment is far from straightforward. It could pave the way for generic, cookie-cutter subdivisions that neither reduce car dependency nor foster community cohesion.

The Questions We Need to Confront
Are we willing to let go of our long-term vision for sustainable growth in exchange for immediate, yet fleeting, economic gains?
What precedent does approving the Lennar amendment set for future developers and projects?
How will this decision impact neighboring counties that are also wrestling with the complex challenges of growth and sustainability?
Is the County Commission truly acting in the best interests of the community it represents?
The Time is Now
The amendment keeps getting scheduled for public hearings, only to be delayed, leaving citizens in a perpetual state of uncertainty. This lack of transparency isn't just frustrating; it undermines the very essence of democratic governance.

Your Voice, Your Community
The County Commission bears the responsibility of upholding the vision that was collaboratively developed with the community. When this amendment finally comes up for public hearing, it's imperative that the commissioners remember the years of work and public input that shaped the comprehensive plan.

Share Your Views and This Blog
If you're concerned about the future of St. Lucie County and the broader Treasure Coast region, now is the time to make your voice heard. Share this blog with your network—friends, family, and community members. The more people are informed, the more powerful our collective voice will be.

So, is St. Lucie County trading its vision of sustainable growth for quick profits? Your input could very well influence the trajectory of our community for years to come. Share this blog and let your voice ring loud and clear.

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